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Lugana: little but with a lot to tell

When we talk about Lugana we refer to a specific wine zone placed between the southern bank of lake of Garda and the Moraines hills. An area very appreciated by tourists for its own sweet weather and for the wines and food offered to its visitors.

Here wine is history!

The winery tradition of this area comes from ancient times, since the Roman age, when the raethian wine from the southern Garda it’s mentioned in many documents. Suetonius described it as the preferred wine by Emperor Augustus «Et maxime delectatus est Raetico, neque temere interdie bibit» moreover many other poets like Martial and Catullus mentioned it in their works.
An area that more recently, the times of the Risorgimento, saw the passage of the the great history.

One of the first certifications…

The certification Lugana, as we know today, it is one of the first ones recognised in Italy, the guidelines of production that defines and regulates the characteristics go back to the year 1967. With the following modifications, in 1975 and in 1998, there are three certifications: Lugana Doc, Lugana Superiore and Lugana Spumante. The consortium, that nowadays reunites the most number of the winemaker firms, it is one of the first that was established, in 1990.

Trebbiano and turbiana

The white lacustrine wine of Lugana is produced with grapes of Trebbiano of Lugana or Turbiana, two typical vine varieties of this area. Trebbiano of Lugana is very different respect to the other types of Italian Trebbiano grapes.

So, summarising, in Lugana you will find typical culinary traditions, fine wines with more than two thousand years of history, a warm hospitality and pleasant weather for twelve months: what more? We are waiting for you!