About us

Dolce Lugana

Lugana is a wine region quite not extended placed between the southern bank of the Lake of Garda and the Moraine hills, more precisely around Sirmione. In the last years, mostly thanks to the work of the new generations of winemakers, has been obtaining great successes.

Two thousand years of history

Few people remembers that in this little part of Lombard land wine has been produced for more than two thousand years, here, differently than in wine regions born almost suddenly during the 20th Century, in actual wine is culture, history and tradition and it is clear visiting the caves of this beautiful and sweet place that is Lugana.

Tradition and innovation

Corte Anna is part of this tradition, although was born recently from Anna Palvarini’s work, the cave fully follows this local wine tradition, using only native grapevines and producing those wines that are part of this historical and cultural route that distinguishes Lugana.

The respect of the earth

Our vision looks forward because over the years we have strongly and obstinately tried to give to our clients a good wine, healthy and respectful of this fertile land. We made it trying to restrict more and more the use of chemical agents, discovering again and updating the technique that our Roman ancestors used to use.

Drinking history!

We made it because we are sure that drinking a glass of wine is, mostly for Lugana wines, like drinking a little bit of our tradition and our long history. We made it because to us is chiefly important respecting our customers that taste our wines and to do it is necessary to respect, defend and protect the earth that allows us to produce these wines appreciated all over the world.